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Cake Whisking


Hi! Thank you for being here. My name is Jessica and my children are in 7th and 10th grades at South Kortright. We'd like to do something to help the many Afghan refugees now resettling in the U.S. So we turned to one of our favorite pastimes: baking delicious treats. We're timing it with Thanksgiving, in honor of the sentiment of giving back that is part of this holiday — and because everyone loves dessert at Thanksgiving. 

This is a pre-order fundraiser. 
Several local children (with some help ) are baking cookies, cakes and pies. All of the offerings are listed on this site. Orders need to be placed by Friday, November 12. Everything will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday, November 24, between 3pm and 5pm. There will be pick-up locations in Delhi, Bovina, Andes and Stamford. We'll update you about that closer to the pick-up date. 

To place your order: 
1) Decide what you want from the list of treats.
2) Send an email with your order by Friday, November 12, to listing the items you are ordering and the total amount. 
3) Pay for your order. Payment is by VENMO (@Jessica-Wapner) or PAYPAL (  (Orders cannot be placed through this website.) Orders must be paid for at the time of ordering. We can't send invoices or receipts, but we will send an email confirming your order and the amount paid.
4) In case you are looking for it: there is no PayPal or Venmo button on this site because it costs money to add these and this is  just a temporary website. 
5) Shortly before November 24th, we will email you the pick-up locations. 
6) Thank you! 

A note about dietary restrictions: there are two gluten-free items for sale and one paleo (no dairy, no wheat, no white sugar). Everything else is as you would expect: flour, butter, sugar, eggs. The only item with nuts is pecan pie.

*** DEADLINE: So that we have time to assign the baking tasks and prepare, all orders must be in by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12th. *** 

Where the Money Will Go: 
We will divide the proceeds among these organizations (click to read more):
Keeping Our Promise
International Rescue Committee

A final note: All of the bakers will do their best to provide the tastiest treat possible. Please also keep in mind that we are all amateur bakers. We hope that the happiness of giving will make your selections all the sweeter.

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